Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankless days & other rudities

In honor of the upcoming random act of kindness on November 13th being hosted by the two gracious ladies, Se'Lah & Anyes, I decided to try to perform a RAK each day leading up to the day, in the footsteps of Operation You.

First day was an epic fail. I saw a young boy in the gas station buying a hotdog/ chips, but was apparently short of cash. It flicked in my mind instantly to help him out. Well, this little man snatched the money I was offering with not so much as a thank you or a drop dead. When I prompted him by asking,'what do you say?', he barely parted his lips to let a very small thank you escape. Great.

I work in a Township that believes it is superior to the rest of the town. The attitudes of the (mostly) women and elderly is one of entitlement, basically because of where they live. When I go out @ lunch time, you would not believe the rudeness of these folks. They wear stiff, uptight, masks that cannot smile, nor speak. This bothers me because I am a speaking-type person. A look you right in the eye & give you a big smile type.

However, I've held open my last door for the person behind me or coming toward me, only to have them look at me as if I'm the bellhop waiting for a tip. In this crazy time on this planet, we need to come together, not stand apart.

Today, I pledge to commit more random acts of kindness, instead of the instinctive random acts of violence! (LOL!)


  1. exhale...never a failure but a trial. keep going.

  2. In the wake of regular ungrateful actions like these from others, it can be difficult to keep up the kindness....but alas, we are who we are....still holding open doors, etc.

    Sometimes if I hear nothing as they pass me or even see an acknowledgment of my existence at the door I will call after them, in a polite way, and say "You're Welcome" Only then will they turn and notice that it was an actual person at the door and not an automatic door opener.

    We must keep at it tho so that kindness to others becomes a world-wide trend. Love this idea btw.

  3. Sigh. yes, ladies, you are right. I'll stick to the high road & maybe it just might rub off.... :-)



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