Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Winter: we are wet, new, fresh, sweet, helpless, hungry and curious

Spring: we are strong, fearless, young, limber, virile, self-absorbed, 'allegedly' full of knowledge (LOL!), confidence & entitlement

Summer: we are mature, sure of ourselves, independent, stable, comfortable in our skins, our careers & our relationships, our values & our morals

Fall: we are older, fearful, anxious, sad, lonesome, sick & for those who allow themselves, joyful

These are the seasons of our lives that begin from the day we arrive on the planet. These seasons are the "dashes" between the dates of our births & our deaths. Let's cherish each day for the gifts that they are :-)

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky ~ Buddha

Carry On Tuesday word prompt: "from the day we arrive on the planet".

Pictures by: me :-) Be amazed at how beautiful it is when you allow yourself to look up!


  1. i really like how you put all these great ideas together for the prompt! and your photography is wonderful too!

  2. your shots here are beauty - the clouds you capture so whispy. love it.

    one love (thanks for being so wonderful)

  3. Thank you, Goddess (love that - LOL!), and thank you, Se'Lah. Couldn't be wonderful without your help, sister! :-)

  4. nice take on the prompt. you have a good mind. putting the cycles of life together with the seasons was a great stroke and then adding the pictures was masterful. Nice work

  5. thanks, batty (LOL!@ "batty"). you always give me good 'reviews.' :-) I appreciate your compliments & input, always.

  6. I liked the way you tackled the prompt and it is so true for all of us!! The seasons are the breaks between the dates indeed!!



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