Saturday, November 6, 2010

... @ 16

  • super high paying jobs
  • shared penthouse apartment
  • with shag carpet & glass walls
  • & balconies that looked out over
  • the best, most popular, busiest city
  • a trans am for me, a porshe for you
  • and the best, most beautiful boyfriends
  • that any girl would ever dream of
  • who would then become our husbands
  • with whom we would have beautiful babies
  • and live in big, old fashioned country houses
  • with big yards & trees
  • next door to each other on a tree lined street
  • and be best sister friends, forever
  • and never, never, never let each other go...
  • Pinky Swear

*carry on Tuesday word prompt


  1. so beautiful. loving it.

    thinking of you. one love.

  2. Love the photo! Sounds like a fairy tale to me! :)

  3. Oh, the beauty of friendship and sisterhood. This captures it perfectly. You are very blessed.



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