Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I should have.....

  • gotten up w/the 5:30 alarm
  • set up the coffee pot
  • ironed my shirt
  • made sure of clean socks
  • and underwear
  • and t-shirts
  • had son take his shower/wash his hair
  • had son make his lunch
  • I should have made pancakes & froze' em
  • chopped radishes
  • and tomatoes
  • and mushrooms
  • boiled eggs
  • for spinach salad
  • for my lunch
  • picked out containers for my own lunch
  • washed my own hair
  • and took my shower
  • charged my phone
  • and my camera
  • called my mother
  • and my girl in Cali.
  • and my sisters
  • and my brothers
  • gotten gas in the car
  • gathered up bills to pay
  • 'did' my nails & toes
  • exfoliated my face
... and done all of these things the day/night before instead of letting them bum-rush my 1st waking thoughts each morning.

Sunday Scribbling archive prompt: 'morning.'

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