Saturday, September 25, 2010

Even if I didn't know me....

I find as I get older, there are certain things I love about me, like:
  • how comfortable I feel in my skin
  • how accepting I am of my body, with all of its 'flaws', they make me me
  • how forgiving I am to myself
  • how I am quick to forgive others
  • how I am quick to pass out smiles to anyone that need them
  • how I love walking into a crowded room & greeting everyone w/a smile
  • how compassionate I am for the elderly
  • and children
  • and babies
  • and for those who don't have as much I
  • how even though I don't have much, I feel richer than Donald Trump
  • how I will always carry in my heart that a co-worker told a friend that I may not have much financially, but I'm one of the richest people he knows
  • how easy I find it to laugh at myself
  • how I can take any situation & make it funny
  • how quick I am to pass out compliments
  • how good I am at encouraging others at their goals
  • how I usually am filled with a peaceful, easy feeling
  • how there are so many things I see in my mother that I am becoming
  • like our love for all things inspirational
  • how I love God/Jesus & find all things regarding a relationship w/him fascinating
  • how I am aware of Jesus filling my heart with such emotion & care that my heart aches
  • how I dream of hitting the lottery so I can feed folks more food than their belly could hold
  • how I pray about the welfare of special need young adults all over the world
  • how I stockpile cards & stationary to randomly send out 'pick-me-ups'
  • how I still hear my parents' voices telling me no matter what job I'm doing - do it w/love
  • discovering my creativity & being surprised when others appreciate it, too
  • how I pray about the welfare of anyone struggling or having a hard time
  • how I never meet a stranger
  • how I can make any stranger feel at ease as if we've known each other all our lives
  • how I take nothing for granted (this needs work every day)
  • how I don't sweat the petty things
  • and how I don't pet the sweaty things :-)
  • and finally, how I feel so at peace w/myself that sometimes I feel like I glow
  • because I love me some me.

Sunday Scribbling prompt: "Love".


  1. I think we all need a post like this! Exactly what I needed this Sunday morning!

  2. Hey beautiful lady!!! Good morning & thank you for the wonderful compliment. Glad even though you're taking a much-needed break that you're still visiting! :-) Have a great, relaxing Sunday :-)

  3. THat's a fantastic post! Hi! I found you through Sharon's blog ... and I'm loving it here :-) I'm noticing many changes in me as well for the better as I age ... just the other day I was thinking how come that they tell us that aging is so bad ... it's not, it's wonderful! happy day!!!

  4. thank you, both Deborah & Birdie! I recognized you, Birdie! good to see you here. I love how I feel right now in my life; i wouldn't want to trade youth for wisdom to save my life! One of the best things of aging, I think, is being comfortable w/yourself, which IS a wonderful happy day :-)


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