Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Theft of Wednesday's word....

today, I'm stealing Wednesday's Word from one of my most FAVORITE motivational women, Jewel Diamond Taylor, the Self-Esteem doctor. I've been getting her inspirationals for years now & they never fail to give me food for thought. Take a read:

Most people do not want to be changed. We tend to like who we are. Haven't you heard people say things like... "I can't help it." "That's just the way I am." "I'm doing the best I can." "I've always been this way." "I'm this way because my family is this way." "It's too late for me to change." I personally like myself. I don't want to change the core of my personality and strengths...but I do want to improve. I do want to free myself from my own prison of illusions, negative thinking, unhealthy emotions and outdated beliefs.

Many of us "do hard time" like prisoners. We live in a prison of shame, guilt, worry and fear. Many of us hold our own destiny and dreams hostage. We punish ourselves and think thoughts like...
"I should have more and done more by now with my life." "It's too late for me to experience love, success, happiness, a new _____, better health, etc." "My limitations and past are the reasons I cannot win in life." "I can't change my eating/spending habits. After all the pain and suffering I've been through I deserve to have what I want." "There are no good jobs, no good men, no good women, no possibilities for a car or home, I can't increase my business/ministry....I'll always be sick and tired...this recession is the cause of all my divorce is the cause of all my problems." "If it weren't for my (relatives, ex-husband/wife/friend/job) I could be happier, but....)

We tend to punish ourselves and do hard time in the prison of our minds
. We are prisoners of our own beliefs and convictions. We agree and believe our own B.S. (belief system). I wrote a message about our B.S. in my book Success Gems.
You and I will have many afflictions, disappointments and emotional roller coaster rides. If you have an "I give up...I can't win" in your spirit, you will never believe life can be better. You will never believe in the favor, grace and mercy of God. If you stay in your own prison, you will remain limited. You have the key to set yourself free from thoughts of fear, procrastination, victimization and unworthiness. Read the e-book "Free and Heal Your Mind and Your Behind Will Follow". Many of us resist and resent someone trying to change us. We all have blind spots, those areas in our lives that we cannot see we are living in denial or destructive thinking. You don't have to change the core of who you are, just get up, move and improve your thinking. Change your perspective to see new possibilities. It's difficult many times to make life-enriching changes and gain a new view point with old circles of friends.

So often the people around you will keep you in prison with them. Misery loves company. The quality of one's life can only be lived according to their own level of understanding and faith. You can't live off someone else's' faith. You can't see what others see. Where is your faith? What beliefs are keeping you hostage? What kind of stinking thinking B.S. is messing up your peace and progress? What do you see?
Prison is a dark and small place designed to keep the light out. Light provides better vision and understanding. As you begin to see differently, it's important to guard your mind, heart, ears and sight. You alone hold the key to set yourself free.

If necessary, change your circle of friends and associates. Re-arrange
your living and working environment to stimulate your creativity. Let your point of view begin to see a new view. Get rid of the clutter in your environment and your mental (invironment). Read more to increase your faith, heal your wounds, correct your vision to see possibilities and to break the spells of illusion, delusion, unworthiness, lack, fear and procrastination. You can CREATE new possibilities with your words, actions and faith. In the beginning of creation, God said, "Let there be light." Light means illumination in the Hebrew. This is why for over 25 years my signature statement has been "Stay in the Light." When you come out of the darkness of a prison, you are free to see new possibilities. I encourage you today to begin to CREATE. Today is a new day. What will your words, actions and faith create in your world?

Amen :-)

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