Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello, Ms. New Year

Photo by: Me
Happy New Year to all out there!! They say the new year is the start to a clean slate, but truly - everyday is a clean slate if you think about it.

I haven't for the past couple of years made any resolutions. I just do whatever it is I'm going to do. Besides, I suck @ staying true when I 'resolve.'

However, here are some things that would nice if they would/could happen:

  • We find a solution of what to do with mom as her dementia increases
  • Mom will allow us to act on her behalf in her best interests
  • I will continue to be able to stay in my home. With things shifting, sometime I get just a tad antsy but have to remember God telling me to "be still and know..."
  • Carve out serious practice time for the guitar instead of letting it go so long that I have to keep repeating lesson #1
  • I can make some type of road trips (or a flight would be even better) to take some new, fresh pictures
  • Someone would look @ my FB Photo Bus. page and think, 'OH MY GEEZ, I JUST HAVE TO OWN AN ORIGINAL 😀
  • I can get asked to shoot more weddings/parties and charge what I'm worth
  • Perhaps at the prompting of Sister #2, create that Photo Book of my pix
  • Hoping my creative spark returns. Everything I've touched lately turns out like shit in my eyes
  • I can be more real and honest with myself
  • I will make time to write here @ least once a week
  • I will make time to plop my behind down onto the mat and do yoga again. I know some aches and pains I have sometime can be cured with a solid routine
  • Find time to give more attention to my dogs. It's a lot of work taking care of two on your own when it was SUPPOSED to be a joint-project
  • Stop spending so much time alone and forge real friendships. Introversy be damned
  • May I stretch myself to grow in all ways positive and trust the process
Life is such a beautiful, crazy, mysterious, scary thing.

Photo by: me "Reflections of..."

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