Friday, November 11, 2016

A few things I'm loving right now

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Online Reading:

  1. Souls of Society: I love "Dijon." 
  2. The Humans of Josephine
  3. Necessary Fiction
  4. The Elephant Journal
  5. Medium: Always SO many great perspectives to think on
  6. Shining Stars Magazine: Brings me comfort
My image: on my desk


  1. Bleeding Tissue Paper: WOW, this ain't your mama's tissue paper!! haha
  2. Canvas Panels: (various sizes): I chose the panels because they stack against each other w/taking up much space. I'm truly addicted to these; when I sit down in front of a blank, my creative juices SOAR
  3. Acrylic Paints
  4. Watercolor Paper
  5. Mod Podge: This stuff ROCKS!!! In fact, here's a couple of Fall leaves I captured in time courtesy of 'the Podge'

It's the simple things in life. :-)

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