Saturday, February 15, 2014


Proverbs 18:22

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.
Prayers of safety and a safe return of my great nephew, Arin, as he's deployed in the Navy. He and his beautiful wife, Kristen, (also in the Navy) very recently loss their baby girl at five month before she was born. I had the pleasure of giving them the gift of shooting their wedding this past September. To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn.

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Low Branch

God finds a low branch for the bird that cannot fly.” ~ Turkish Proverb

Post "Heart Day"/End of NaBlo

I have decided to drop the NaBloPoMo commitment of daily writing. I'm doing a crappy job of keeping up on the regular, so I'll just blog w/out obligation. There are some days when I don't get online at all, so the 'daily' goes out the window

James (son) blessed me w/six perfect carnations for V.Day. I'm surprised they make it home in tact; when he was  younger, I would sometimes get stems. Lol. The red soothes me.

D & I didn't exchange anything this year. We rarely do.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love (NaBloPoMo (2/14/14)

I remember back in the day, this of valentine could have ecstatic or devastating results. Lol. Wishing you love not only today, but everyday.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Helpless (NaBloPoMo 02/14)

February 2, 2014: "Helpless"
Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I was let from a job that I had at a church working with disabled men & women. I met all expectations of the job, however, they then wanted me to become a commercial van driver to transport clients.

As I suffer from anxiety, this was completely out of the question. I explained time & time again that I would not feel such taking on such task, yet my words fell on deaf ears. I was called in, given an excellent 90 review, but was released to 'for not having the ability to adapt.'

I never felt more helpless in my life. This is a job where it was constant instant gratification and love. I looked forward to going & drug me feet when time to leave. Anxiety is a real, paralyzing condition and for someone to look at me in such a way really hurt.

The only thing I could do was take it to God, accept it and realize that He has a different path for me. Trusting and believe.

Peace & light :-)


"He sends forth springs in the valleys; they flow between the mountains" ~ Psalms 104:10
Something about the water moves me. I could sit near & watch it for hours. The movement, the sounds, the rushing, the certain path it flows in. And how amazing that something so soft has the power to take entire cities down, yet God is merciful and just.

Namaste :-)

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Writing Room (NaBloPomo 02/2014)

Creative Room

Writing Room
Reading Room
February 1 ~Writing Room: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading & writing; what’s it like?

Perhaps I could make the genie see my need for THREE wishes? Lol. The crafting room has natural light & plenty of organized spaces. It helps to have everything labeled & in their places. I find I buy 2/3 of the same things because I can't see what I already have;

My writing room would be only for computer related work; email, social media, etc. Again, the natural light got me, plus the bonus of a fireplace. Perfect.

My reading room - need I say more? I could see myself w/reading glasses, journals, paper, pens. And never leaving this spot.

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Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...