Thursday, October 3, 2013


One thing about time; you either feel you have too little of it, or too much of it.

When you're unemployed & watch everyone else leave to what it is they do for 8 hours, you have too much time;

When you're employed, or have a very busy social calendar, you have too little time;

I'm finding in this 'period of what the hell next?', I'm  had/am having:

  • anytime
  • sleep late time
  • between time
  • me time
  • doubt time
  • panic time
  • insecure time
  • depressed time
  • beat me up time
  • down time
  • up time
  • sad time
  • tear time
  • garden time
  • reading time
  • walking time
  • photo walk time
  • being-in-the moment time
  •  peace time
  • play time
  • Bible study time
  • Summer time
I'm ready to feel productive again. Hoping that it will be "soon time." :-)

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