Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Things Friday (early)

1) Government shut-down means no more traditional Cuyahoga Scenic Valley riding through our City. This was always a sure part of summer. Really? No train? In our tiny spot on the map?

No Polar Express for the kids @ Christmas?? Geez...

2) Also, no more "Wheels on Meals"? How are the elderly/disabled that counted on that food; how are they supposed to eat? I'm mad & concerned at the same time!!!

3) Son will have to have cataract surgery soon. I was surprised with him being so young! But the doctor told me there are BABIES that have the surgery! Could you imagine, on those tiny little eyes? Waahhh....

4) I've been buying pre-cut matting, mounting my pictures, and giving them away as gifts. Just when I get ALL hyped up about getting set up to sell, I shy back & think, 'oh, it's just another picture.' I'm not confident in it. To family, yes; to strangers; no. Mama needs some mojo!!! \0/ !!!

5) Lastly, Fall is upon us, yet my flowers & plants continue to give all they have until the end. I'm still enjoying sitting amongst the color on the porch/patio for coffee in the morning, and wine in the evening. My home needs MAJOR repairs, yet I'm trying to stay focused. A friend of mine is moving into a brand new, never lived in, 5 bedroom home in a new allotment. Blessings all around.

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