Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Things; Friday

 1)  There is something about paths that drive me crazy! Just the wonderment of what's on the other side of hill, or around the bend makes me feel giddy;

 2) Reflecting: I'm still unemployed; loving the relaxation of it, but every now and then (more now than then), I get anxious about finances. I feel stuck in the middle of the road, trying to keep my mind focused on God controlling my steps. It's a very tight rope to walk at times;

 3) Headed off to son's softball banquet. In spite of the smile, I was SO no in the mood. By the time his sports seasons end, I'm usually ready to take everyone's head off from spending so much time with them. Looking forward to this breather between now and basketball season in a few months ....

4) My flowers are still giving off mad blooms & growth. Even though it's very nearly fall, the colors are overwhelming at times!! Don't let the cool weather fool you - potted plants get 10x drier in cooler weather, so watering may be needed more often. I've been keeping my routine going; as much as I love Fall, I will miss this season of flowering beauty;

5)  Lastly, I pulled of being the sole photographer of my nephew's wedding @ the beginning of September. I was so nervous, but it was quite lovely once I got in my zone. I double-fisted it by wearing both the Sony & the Canon around my neck so I wouldn't have to change lenses. The photos were my gift to the new, military (Navy) couple. Even though I am quite amateur, it was A. LOT of work!! Being pulled in every direction, trying to get perfect light & stay creative all at the same time was exhausting. I shot non-stop from 2-5p.m. Overall, I think they photos came out nice. I shipped them off the bride in a very sweet photo album. My gift - WHEW!!! :-)

5 Things; Friday
Pictures: tracey

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