Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Update, Part I

Lake front condos. Good use of an abandoned building.

A super cool 93 year old I met on  the boat. I was instantly attracted to her jewelry. She was a beautiful spirit.

One of the many house for sale on Kelley's Island. It screamed my name.


Dockside drinks & shade

The Peace Monument, Put-In-Bay, Ohio

A cool fountain in the park. The water was very blue

CANNON BALLS!!!! Lol. Symbol from the Battle of Lake Erie

Not too far from everywhere :-)

"Peace Pole". When I was shooting of News/View, an assignment was to find a peace pole. They're very rare.

There was no shortage of Tiki Shacks
It was a very hot day; I took this from the shade of the woods
Water therapy. So relaxing

My kind of place

My mother & I took a day trip of Lake Erie Island hopping. It was a beautiful day & just what the doctor ordered for me.

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  1. Hi Tracey -- OMG! Love the pics wouldn't mind doing the same trip you and your Mom did. What fun! Love the gingerbread on the houses. I can understand why one of them called your name. I think it would call mine as well.


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