Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wake Up!!!

Spring calls & awakens me from my sleep.

I quickly dress and run to see what it wants

It merely wants me to notice how the budding, delicate branches of the 'wedding tree' wrap so gently around it's trunk

 It wants me to notice the amazing field of Daffodils bobbing & smiling in the sunshine
 It makes me wonder at the marvel of God's placing thousands of Daffodils amongst the woods in the strangest places
But lastly, it wanted me to run into a beautiful Italian bella by the name of "Pamina" who shared in my joy. She told me 50 years ago (before I was born), before the woods existed, the Daffodils covered the earth. God blessed with hundreds of thousands of flowers that eventually were joined by the now mighty woods.

To that end, Spring calling to me gave me beauty and crossed my path with a beautiful soul.

WAKE UP!!!, indeed. :-)

Pictures by: me. And in keeping with privacy, I didn't take a picture of Bella Pamina's face, but secretly caught her as she left me. She is/was a beauty! :-)

Sunday Scribbling word prompt #365, "Wake Up!"


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