Sunday, April 21, 2013

It Must Be Magic

Though miles apart
You've stolen my heart
While the miles say
You're 10 hours away
And yet it feels
Like you are right here

Thank technology for "cells"
With their tingling bells
That signal that it is you
My smile broadens & my heart quickens
When your voice comes through
And all you have to say is "hey, you!"

Can feelings be felt
With the cards that have been dealt?
Can heartbeats match
When they cannot be attached?

I believe it's true
My heart says it is, too
Because we both believe
It must be magic

Pictures: me. And I do believe in "magic." :-)
Carry on Tuesday word prompt: "it must be magic"


  1. Those "cells" can help keep us closer.

  2. We live in a very small world today. How things have changed.

  3. Absolutely lovely.Yes, that is magic. Laurie, hibernationnow

  4. great poem...I really like it.

  5. absolutely, magic and cell phones



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