Saturday, February 16, 2013


After years of holding everything in
She finally found the courage
to hand him the ticket
to her much needed freedom
Freedom to not respond to that call
Or to leave a note
Or a message
To make arrangements
To call & check in
To keep up that front
Or act like she gives a damn

To no longer share space
But to gain her own space
To have no expectations
Nor obligations
But to concentrate
And meditate
And re-aquaint
And to not be attached to
that descriptive tag

Sunday Scribbling word: "ticket"


  1. Wonderful use of the word "ticket"... I obtained my ticket to freedom six years ago... best decision that I ever made! :-)

  2. Freedom is a two edged sword. Freedom is not belonging but belonging is so important too. However recognising each others individuality is paramount. Very thought provoking post.

  3. Sometimes that is the ticket one might need.

  4. Beautiful response to the prompt, and very well written...

  5. Sad. Good writing. I hope she enjoys her freedom.

  6. That really is a good ticket! Excellent.

  7. Freedom gained by the handing out of a ticket. Well written and very realistic.



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