Sunday, February 3, 2013


Growth is calling for me in it's loudest voice. What was once a whisper has now become a shout!

It is calling for me to set to set myself free. It is telling me it's time to develop & mature physically, mentally, & spiritually.
 It is calling for me to be my true, authentic self. My whole funny, silly, goofy, moody, emotional, happy self.
It is telling me to be gentle to myself; to be proud of myself, to allow myself, to wish for myself & to not apologize for anything of myself
 It is telling me I need to let my light shine and show the world my heart, soul & the gifts God gave me
But mostly, it is telling me to fear not of the future
And to damn sure weep not for the past

pictures: tracey


  1. HI TTRACEY - oh my, whwat beautiful pictures and captions too. I love this post.
    Love Gail

  2. Hey, girlfriend!!! :-) As always, my dearest, thank you for your never-ending kindness. Love, me

  3. What great photos. The last one is an all-time favorite. I'm wondering what's beyond the fog. Beautiful.



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