Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little blessings

I'm gonna be a Grandma!!!! LOL

Okay... I have four ferns hanging on my porch; I noticed a little finch was pretty attached to one in particular. Even when we would sit on the porch, it would fly & hang in mid-air, not afraid of us at all. The other night got windy, so I took the plants down; the little thing flew around like madness looking for the fern. I'm wondering what the????

Then I found out - next morning when I went to re-hang the pots, this is what I found!!! How perfect is it? I immediately ran & got the cammy (... as you can see... DUH!)

I'm thrilled & now extra protective of the fern. I wonder, though; I had been watering & fertilizing heavily with MiracleGro - will the birds come out the size of eagles? LOL!

I'll keep ya posted on the progress of the arrival of my "Grandbirds." :-)

See ya next time!


  1. Lucky you! My home abuts nearly 700 acres of wilderness, so I encounter nests a lot. Last year, THREE hummingbird nests within my fences. SO wonderful. I am like you, feeling blessed by the grace of creatures.

    1. AND GET THIS, KIM, my mom visited, I went to show her the eggs & THEY. WERE. HATCHING! Yikes, right? I rehung it right away & Mama Finch was very close by. It just sounds too amazing where you live!SO beautiful, and yes - we are blessed by the grace of creatures. They're wonderful teachers:-)



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