Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thankful & blessed

Happy Sunday, all!

I haven't given any Thankful Thursdays lately, but I am truly thankful for so much!!

Here is our Sweet Baby Tuesday, girl!!! Hasn't she grown & changed so? She's up to 9 pounds now - what her dad weighed when he was born. I had better hurry & send her outfits, etc., before she outgrows. I am so thankful she's thriving, isn't she beautiful? :-)

My next HUGE thanks is to God for letting the amazing Cassie thrive in spite of her trials and tribulations with her health. She has pressed on so that she is now a Sitting Judge in Training (she doesn't like when I call her "judge" already). She's here with her very own Bailiff.

But how great is God, really? Cassie has been near death so many times, yet here she stands, proudly, in her judge's robe. Who would've thought she would've made it from the Caring Bridge Cancer Center to this very moment? To say I am proud of her is the understatement of the century.

Palms clasped in prayer of thanks.


  1. How perceptive you are to realize that we should give thanks for all the pleasures in life which are so easy to accept but are so easily overlooked. Looking at babies and the success of your children it is good to feel contented that part of you is in them and continuing to appreciate the great gift of life.

  2. Tuesday is just beautiful! For that matter, so is Cassie! So nice to see them both looking so healthy and strong.

    Sharon in TX

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Cassie is so strong that she will be in horrific pain, yet press o. To make her dreams come true. And Tuesday - what I say about that angel? :-)



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