Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's thoughts

  • Wonder when I'll start Christmas shopping? I feel like I'm walking in a dream while everyone hurries & scurries
  • I put up cute, minimalist decorations outdoors, but they are cute.
  • I was short of one large Christmas ornament to hang from the porch, so I used a humongo ornament one of the attorneys gave us for Christmas one year. This thing is the size of my head; I'm not sure how big his tree is, but it would easily tip mine.
  • The ornament is a collectable Waterford/Lennox ornament; yes, for some years I've kept it wrapped in tissue, in the box, but I thought to hell with it; let it be seen. And we'll also find out if it's weather proof
  • I feel meloncholy today; not in a bad way, but in a thoughtful, reflective way. I feel like I'm patiently waiting for something. I actually feel rather lonely
  • "D" told me he keeps a letter in his Bible that I wrote to him 12 years ago in 1999. I was floored that he still had it. He really should have taken it @ it's value 12 years ago
  • My son came home w/a homemade Christmas card from a young lady @ his job that likes him. So this morning, he took one back to her. This is the first time I've ever heard him admit that he liked a girl
  • I truly love the fact that "Santa" is coming to Son's job for their Christmas party & he's looking forward to telling Santa that he wants a "WWE shirt." (thanks for the hint)
  • I'm looking forward to celebrating mom's 79th birthday this Sunday. I'm so grateful and blessed to still be able to pick up the phone & call her on a whim. We can talk for HOURS and still never be done talking
  • Even though I'm blessed & thankful for it, my job is totally un-fulfilling in every way
  • I wonder will I ever fall in love? The kinda love that makes you feel "some kinda way?"
  • Sigh... one day @ a time :-)


  1. HI TRACEY - wonderful post - sorry you are lonely. And I totally understand the melancholy. sigh.let's hang on together

    Love you

  2. Hey there Gail!!! Thanks for the kind words. I don't know what this feeling is coming from, but I guess I gotta ride it out... while hanging on to you!!! LOL! Thanks, friend. Love, love, love ~ me



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