Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Good morning, all! Happy Thursday; we're almost at the weekend. Giving thanks today for:
  • Catching the beautiful sunrise (above) yesterday on the drive in. I don't drive on the freeway, so finding hidden treasures like this make me thankful, indeed
  • Being a trusted confidential friend to a friend. I am thankful for her trust in me
  • Lunch with mom today. Being the bad girl that I am, I haven't talked to her since last week, so when I called to confirm lunch, just hearing her voice made me thankful :-)
  • "D" getting employed, the employment being so close to home, & the joy he is feeling at getting his self-worth & self-esteem back. Honestly, I haven't seen him this joyous in a long time. It's long overdue in every way
  • My friend, Cassie, just completing a 13.5 mile walk in San Francisco. That chick is my "Shero!!!!"
  • Compliments on my photos. I know I mention this a lot, but it gives me such joy inside when others appreciate what my eyes see :-)
  • Reflecting back on this fact, every time I think my job is meaningless
  • Not having a dime to my name until payday (more than a week away), but trusting that we'll make it :-)

  • ALWAYS being thankful to God that He makes a way for us to 'always make it.'
And that's all I have off the top 'o my head for this week. Thanks for coming by, and remember to always stay thankful!

Pictures by: me
Aren't the red flowers beautiful? I drive daily past a house where they are. The other day, I jumped outta traffic, pulled over & proceeded to edge onto the edge of the yard to shoot a few. The color called to me - I just had to have it. If the folks noticed me, they didn't say anything... nor did they call the police. Another thing to be thankful for... (LOL!!)


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I would be so thankful for the sunrise and the red in those photos is regal. I have not seen anything like it here. have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Your sunrise is truly amazing Tracey and i am sure you had an awesome lunch with your mom.
    Enjoy your week-end :-)



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