Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Good morning everybody! Happy Thankful Thursday. We're one day away from what's to be a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise, here in the big OH. This may be our last opportunity to bring the grill back out, so let's make the most of it!! Today, I'm thankful for:
  • Being able to capture the beauty of the fog yesterday morning. Yes, I was late for work, but it was worth every second
  • Being able to capture the low-lying fog THIS morning (not pictured - will post later). If traffic allows, from now on, I will always pull over when I see something photo-worthy
  • Again - the feeling of 'maybe I DO have a talent at this thing' when folks compliment my photos :-)
  • Steve Jobs for being such amazing human being & creating the iPod, etc.. I appreciate my iPod more than ever now. God rest his soul :-(
  • My boss providing gourmet cupcakes & "Yuengling" beer for my best friend's birthday visit at my house. I so appreciate her (boss's) thoughtfulness
  • Thursday lunches w/mom & my brother
  • The beautiful Fall weather we're having
  • Secretly sending paperback books to an unknowing recipient :-)
  • Everything that "D" does around the house
And that's all I have for now. Until next Thankful Thursday, everyone have a great, blessed day!

Pictures by: me :-}
Photographed at Lake Cable, Ohio - my daily route to work. Talk about blessed, huh?

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