Saturday, October 22, 2011


In the middle of the City, I happened on a shaded spot

With a mighty willow tree, dancing in the wind with hair-like movement.

I pulled over, and ventured boldly up the trimmed walk
It never occurred to me that the owner(s) of the property would protest

When I turned the corner, I gasped with delight
It was a shaded oasis, a paradise, full of dappled light
Birds sang loudly, the squirrels did their dance
Every spot my eyes landed, we filled with pots of colorful plants

Oversized cushions begged me to sit, to let the day drain away
To offload some shit :-\

My shoulders relaxed, but then I got jarred
When he opened the door & said,
"hey; how long you been in the backyard?"

Pictures by: me. This really IS my backyard. :-}
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "My Backyard"


  1. Gorgeous shots! And your words mademe smile!

  2. LOL! thank you, Linda. I'm glad you enjoyed my backyard! :-) Come back anytime.

  3. pretty pix
    to see pink flowers when it's fall in my backyard is a treat!

  4. Thanks, Gel - I'm surprised I still have my little pink roses, but they're flourishing! We're expecting frost soon, so I will hate to see them go. :-)



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