Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Call

I wasn't going to answer, but then I took The Call. It guided my day in this kind of way:

  • Treat yourself to that gorgeous fall bouquet
  • Let yourself linger in bed after you wake. Let your mind wander & adjust to being awake, and wonder why you never clearly remember your dreams
  • Take your time and drink your coffee
  • It's okay to go from one campy dollar store to another & love it
  • Enjoy the powerful wind, bright sky & colors
  • Be friendly & smile. Folks seem to appreciate it
  • Hold close the sincere thanks & blessings the guy in the library gave when I told him to buy his next coffee(s) on me
  • Enjoy the packs of fake fall leaves you're going to sprinkle on the fireplace mantle
  • Deeply inhale the Seed Pumpkin & Spice & Hot Apple Cider soy candle(s)
  • Give thanks for the simplicity, & cozy effects of a pot of chili
  • It can wait: didn't that feel good to take 2 hours readings 2 mags, cover-2-cover?
  • Get started with the "OWH" stamp that came in the mail. I did something like this last year
  • Shoot as many frames as you want to & take as long as you want to
  • Enjoy the anticipation of watching "For Colored Girls" from at the library. Booyah!!
  • Exhale

I'm so glad I answered the phone. :-)

Pictures by: me
Sunday Scribbling Word prompt: "The Call"



  1. Hi, A visual delight and cheeful words to read when I have just woke up! Thanks for posting The Call. x

  2. This is beautiful Tracey! Gorgeous images~

  3. Hi Tracey, love the fall bouquet! And the soy candle. Aren't they the greatest? Also thanks for the simple words of enjoying each day and every minute to the fullest.

  4. Thanks, Sweetlight & Chris O!! Chris - the after discovering the soy candles, I will never buy another 'regular' candle again. They're so clean & they smell awesome! I look forward to all the colors this time of year, always :-)



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