Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's thoughts

Good Monday morning.

What a great weekend it was. In spite of Hurricane Irene making it bad for the Eastern seaboard, the weather here was dee-vine! The skies were blue w/fluffy clouds, temps in the high 70's-low 80's & a constant breeze. I know it was the effects of Irene because the clouds came in from the East, which they usually never do.

Friday I took the day off & spent time with brother Alfonzo. I'm so glad we got to have quality time before he heads back to L.A. & his busy life tomorrow. The funny thing is with he & I is that we NEVER finish talking, ever. We don't see each other for months at a time, yet we pick up where we left off like time never passed. We did a photo walk downtown, then lunched at Chipoltle (my new addiction), then Sippo Lake for more pictures. The day was priceless.

Saturday I took Son to watch his teammates win their softball game which will take them to nationals. Even though Son chose track over softball this year, he's perfect at supporting his guys. Again, the weather was great, the guys won, and all were happy.

Sunday, we worked in the yard in the morning. I'm usually out there long after all the cutting, weeding, edging, sweeping etc., is done. That's the time for my flowers & garden. Everything always looks so inviting & pretty, if I must say so myself. "D" always says, "you have the best porch, yard & patio on the whole street." :-)

Later in the evening, I went back downtown to shoot some things I didn't have time to get when I was with brother. That's how I am: if I see something & don't shoot it - it will bug me until I finally get it done. I still envision a shot I didn't take YEARS ago when on vacation in L.A. of the Manhattan Beach pier. Can you say obsession? :-)

Anyway, I ended up taking 2 hours! So relaxing to be alone, taking my time, walking in circles, retracing my steps. Again - perfect weather & breeze, downtown was deserted and I really soaked it all in. I was surprised when I turned a corner & saw a woman with her camera, too! We spoke of how we both like to shoot when there no folks around, wished each other a good day & got back to shooting in our own private worlds.

Finally - I wanted to include these shots of the park near my house. When I was young & my brother was supervisor at this very park, I used to play on what looks like this same slide. I remember being there all day long, playing with different kids that came & left. The park is beautiful & I'm blessed to live so near to it. But every time I get near the children's area, I'm drawn back to this slide and back to the good ole days. When the order of the day was to play with all your might :-)

Pictures by: me :-)

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