Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pockets Full

How on earth did I end up on this desert island? Well, since I'm here, I'm glad I have the following 10 items:
  1. Bible (no explanation needed)
  2. iPod (to keep me sane w/lots o' jazz & podcasts)
  3. cell phone (hmm... would have enuff bars to call for help?)
  4. camera (i'm sure if i wander around, I could find something to shoot)
  5. cigarettes (I know, I know - but if I'm bored.....)
  6. lighter (see #5)
  7. water (duh!)
  8. food (duh, again)
  9. my journal
  10. a picture of my son (to keep me sane & hopeful)

Picture: Internet courtesy
Creativity Portal: "10 things you would want in your pockets on a desert island

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