Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I wish you fun....

When i see children today, it's very, very rare that I see anyone running around, giving play serious time, thought & energy like we used to. when I don't see children outside, i imagine they're inside, more than likely parked in front of something digital or electrical. in an age where it seems like all children want to do is be grown - now, "play" has become a lost art.

If i could grant the children of the computer age 10 things or experiences from my childhood, they would be:
  1. hide & go seek
  2. red light/green light
  3. mother-may-I?
  4. kick ball
  5. four-cornered hand ball
  6. good old fashioned tether ball
  7. play grounds - with supervisors, art contests, bubble-gum blowing contests, etc.
  8. long, bike rides w/your siblings
  9. outdoor imagination (no supplies needed except for what you find in nature), and
  10. long, cold drinks out of the garden hose
We were raised, thankfully, back in 'days of safety' where after we finished our chores - we were gone!! All day. Until dinner time. Our parents did not have to worry if we were being stalked, abducted or harmed in anyway. And if another parent saw you doing wrong, you could best believe by the time you got home, your parents knew. And you paid for it.

Ahhh.... the good old days. :-)

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  1. ahh, brought back so many memories. Yep, the kids today are missing out; but unfortunately times have changed...

  2. Wonderful, fun post! Lots of memories. Catching lightning bugs and playing chase. Looking for pictures in the clouds. Ahh, we were lucky.


  3. Damn... where's that "Hot Tub Time Machine" when we need it?



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