Monday, June 27, 2011

I saw you

As soon as I noticed him carrying the bag of cans,
noticing the way he scoured the ground for treasure,
I knew it was the thing to do

He didn't need to speak any words, he didn't even notice me
but I noticed him, and I knew his actions
he was searching for the lone coin that may have escaped a pocket

the piece of gold that maybe would make the difference
between something to eat or not, something to drink or not
how would that be for us? if our day or our next meal
depended upon what we found on the ground
or in the trash?

when i pulled the car up next to him & extended my hand
that held what I could spare, he jumped in surprise &
extended his own shaky hand & looked me in the eye.
I knew those eyes - they held weariness, despair, & little light
the hands were dirty, nails long, telling stories of hard life

I clicked on my biggest smile & said have a great day!
He, in turn, gave me his biggest smile, thanked me & blessed me
He couldn't have possibly known that his very existence
is my blessing.

To him, I give, I gifted & I gave. And my life feels all the richer for it.
I hope, in some way, his does, too.

Please take a sec & watch this tiny video clip produced by Shawnette Heard, called "John Doe." As soon as they showed the homeless man, tears sprang to my eyes. Let's continue to count our blessings.

Pictures: (hands-Internet Courtesy) (Daisy-me :-})
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "Give."



Seriously? Day 24? Lol. Sometimes I don't know why I bother with these prompts. 😕 "Inspiring Movie": I loved this one . ...