Friday, May 6, 2011

God's Guest List

I happened upon a wonderful book @ the library a few weeks ago by one of my favorite inspirational writers, Debbie Macomber, called "God's Guest List." I enjoyed it so much, I didn't want it to end. It finally gave me an answer of what to say about people whom have passed through my life.

When I was a young(er) adult, I came to pieces when life changed and folks I had become comfortable with moved on for whatever reason. Now after all these years, even though I still miss them and fall back on memories of these people, I realize that these were people that God put in my life for a reason - for that season.

After reading this book, I deeply thought about each person that I know or used to know and tried to recognize what our purposes were in each others lives; most of these people are co-workers from here to Los Angeles. One friend that I met while living in L.A. and still have a relationship w/just called me the other day in a panic & needed a 'voice of reason' (from me??? LOL). God put us on each others lists and we're still there after nearly 24 years.

Our families are on our guest list, our children, our parents. It's an amazing read and great food for thought. And now, I try to make myself of aware of my interaction with people in my life everyday; Nelson, my homeless friend, my sweet blogger friend, Makeda, whom I feel as close to as a sister, the elderly lady in the market whom hugged me for a good five minutes after I told her hair was beautiful - we all have guests lists. Even the "prickly people" Ms. Macomber spoke of - folks who are less than pleasant are on our lists as well. We just need to recognize everyone when they "RSVP."

Most of the folks I remember involved lots of laughter. I'm guessing I was put on their lists to give them a laugh for that season. I'm guessing I'm on Nelson's list cause he sorely needs acceptance just for who he is, not the way he looks; God put Makeda on my list because he knows I adore the person she is & because she lifts me up; my ex husband came along to give me my beautiful son, my parents, my siblings. It's amazing!

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  1. What a great post. I'm pretty sure your name graces many a lists because you are simply beautiful!

    One love Sister!



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