Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Innocence

This lovely nearly 2-year old diva is Miss Amiya. I fell for her on mother's day. Hard. She's my great-great niece.

Not having been around small children any time lately, this one fascinated me! All of her sweet attitude and funny animation. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, my arms from around her, her hand not in mine, nor the camera away from her.

As I looked back over her pictures (every 5 minutes, LOL!), I smiled thinking something I read a while ago:

"Four qualities of children that adults may need in order to enter heaven are:

Children have not lost their sense of wonder
as adults so often have.

Children's lives are founded on trust that their needs will be met.

Children are naturally obedient, even though they do rebel and disobey, too.

Children are very forgiving, and soon forget and move past all sorts of wrongs done to them.

The innocence of this little one walking around us in her own little world, being concerned with nothing except my sunglasses, gum from my purse, food, and her toy microphone to do a kick-ass version of "Bad Girls, Bad Girls, watcha Gonna Do?" made me realize we were all once her. We all had that innocence.

But adulthood forces you to sit that innocence aside. We know too much, have seen too much, have experienced too much.

But I bet if you let yourself, you can recapture some of the innocence. A sense of wonder, trust, obedience, and forgiveness is something that I try to obtain everyday, all day.

One day, you just might catch me kissing my reflection in a gazeball - simply because I'm amazed that it's my face :-)

Pictures by: me :-)


  1. What a sweet little girl! Love the last picture of her kissing her reflection! Ahh. . . kids! They just make me smile!

  2. these portraits are AMAZING!!! You captured her soul. Wow...I am in love with her. You have a great eye!

    one love.

  3. thank you, ladies. Amiya is a beautiful little soul. Cannot wait to see her again!

  4. Seems like forever since I've checked in with you. Love this post and this beautiful little girl! She's precious. :)




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