Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cause & Effect

This little section was from a recent "Daily Om":
" ...Thus, as we interact with others, how we behave can be as important as who we are. If we project our passion for life, our warmth, and our tolerance in our facial features, voice, and choice of words, every person who enters our circle of influence will leave our presence feeling at peace with themselves and with us. You never know whose life you are affecting, big or small. Try to remember this as you go out into the world each day."
I keep this in mind as I go about every minute of my day. There is no possible way if you ever leave your house that you will not have to deal with others. I believe that no matter what type of mood I may be in, I cannot put that on others.

Recently, a friend was rude to me . My feelings were hurt so my hurtful action was to stop speaking to him, to back off - give him his space. I didn't know what brought on his rudeness, so I closed myself off to him. Long story short, when we got a chance to talk, he told me that on that day of his rudeness, he had just been served with divorce papers. The divorce is nasty; 2 small children are in the middle. Lots of emotion & anger. Then on top of it all, he said I stopped speaking to him ...

I did not realize what was happening in his life and I know it's something he would've shared with me if I hadn't taken the action that I did. I was only thinking of self. I apologized for my behavior & all that he is going thru & offered my ear - anytime.

This brings me to my favorite thought:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Plato

Apologies to you , friend - I cannot wait for us to get back to how we were.

Picture by: me :-) (my daily drive to work - Lake Cable, Ohio)


  1. Hugs to you both, because I know he is hurting and I know you are too.


  2. ha isn't hat always the way it goes, makes me crazy. Glad you got to actually talk it through though and in time things will be back to how they once were. After a sad time a couple of years back, I was standing in a grocery aisle one day and was totally a wreck, I realised that to everyone around me I was a stranger and no one knew what I was going through, to some I would appear withdrawn to some rude, to some sad to some totally overlooked. It made me realise we all have a story, past and present and of course our future.

  3. I know I'm late saying this, but thank you ladies. Box - had I been in that line @ grocery, I would've given you a big hug!!! :-)



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