Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prayers & Perspective, Part II

Was just reading my friend, Cassie's, journal updates from the CaringBridge website. I think I've mentioned before that she is battling cancer. I get her updates directly into my email, so I'm able to keep up with her ups/downs. It really is touching, sad, painful and funny the way she documents what her mind, body and spirit is going through as she travels this journey. It's truly is something that makes me put my day in perspective, every day.

Cassie is very strong in her faith and it's amazing to read her journal entries and watch God work with her to clear her path of her fears, as well as any obstacles that come her way @ this very critical time in her life. She boldly admits when she's pissed, scared, angry & every other emotion that we probably throw around like nothing.

Just a couple of ways that God has stood by her is on the heels of her mother's death, Cassie was going to have to move out of her mother's condo. Really? Now? While the poor woman can barely function mentally and physically? Now? While trying to heal from meds, chemo, radiation & surgery (her bones became so brittle, she had to have titanium rods put into her thigh bones). Really? Also, she appealed to the SSI court to reward her back-pay. As you can imagine, funds are very important right now.

Well..... her latest entries said both things were taken care of! The bank granted her to stay in the condo until March 2011, and the SSI court granted her back-pay all the way from October '09 to now & forward!! Does THAT make you wanna do the happy dance or what? I'm so thankful that I nearly cried. Reading her journals really does make you see how God loves and protect all of us, and will totally take care of anything & everything, if we would just ask Him. Then let Him.

Again, today, my perspectives have been shifted. What the hell reason do I have to have a bug up my butt? Physically, I'm everything right now that Cassie is not and that in itself is a blessing. How dare I even open my mouth or mind to whine and/or bitch when she rejoices just to see another sunrise, no matter how she feels. Listening to what she goes through in one day is enough to put us all to shame if we're not thankful & grateful.

The most comfort I get from reading her journey is her amazing blessings and hearing how her amazing band of supporters (friends, family, doctors) are right there for her, for whatever she needs. Sometimes she sounds so helpless that I wish I could be there with her right where she is to wait on her hand & foot. But for now, I bask in the glow of God holding her hand.

Prayers, everyday, all day to you Cass. Love you.


  1. awwwhhh tracey!!! your blog page is so nice...thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement, your love and support as I go thru this journey. How special I feel to see how much the journal entries mean to you and you even posted the website on the side. thank are just as if not more inspiring than I am..such a strong mighty woman of God who's also so beautiful and poised...i'm so grateful you are a part of my life and i love you very much!!! continue to be who you are much appreciated and loved....always cassie

  2. ...and now, Cassie, I shall go blow my nose & wipe my tears (LOL!)


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