Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to Self...

One thing I love about weekend evenings is I can stay up as long as I like; long after the outside & inside has shut down, I can read, think, dream, etc., uninterrupted....

This blogger is legally blind? Her place is beautiful. Peace & blessings to her.

The temps are only to be in the high 60's tomorrow (WTH?) Fall is really creeping in. Tomorrow would be a good day to make chili, or this sounds warm & easy....

These tiny books are adorable. Makes me wanna try 'crafting.' Yeah, right... I can't sit still that long...

My DailyOM - a beautiful tribute to all of us beautiful women/sisters/friends.

Also, since it's so much cooler, I'll make these @ some point. Cool weather makes me want to stay in the kitchen. PS: depending on how 'fancy' I feel, I may photo each step like Lick My Spoon! :-0 (I love that name...)

Prayers to dear blogger friend & her family
. You are never alone:-)


  1. Thank you for the prayers. You are a dear blogger friend indeed. Hugs to you sweet Tracey.


  2. Thank you for your love and link to my blog! I am very flattered to be mentioned. Pleased to "meet" you!



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