Thursday, September 23, 2010


To know me is to know my love for the book. Can't get enough of 'em; lock me in a room full and my day is complete.

On a whimsical move, when a Border's notice came to my inbox saying they needed help, my heart started pounding. So....

Borders is like book heaven to me. Books of every type, the strong smell of coffee @ the Cafe, the low silence, big chairs begging for you to sit & stay, same for the carpet, folks sitting around eating/drinking/reading, all in their own worlds yet at Borders. I certainly hope heaven has a Borders. You'll find me there spending all... well, all eternity, I guess. There's no time limit; I'm sure it never closes, you know? Hmmm....

Anyway, I fill out the application thingy. It's a win/win, I'm thinking; I'm friendly, I never meet a stranger, & there are tons of books & CD's. It's extra money & I'll have more going on than work & the boring routine of my life. I admitted I had no retail experience at all. I'm just wanna be around the fresh smell of a new hardback. Admit it, you like it, too!

They call me one day later for an interview. I almost fainted. Next Wed. is the day, right after work. Scream. I called my mother asap; we both screamed.

Reality sinks in right in the middle of me break dancing. Son's basketball season is starting. Shit. My whole 'Border's adventure' would be after work/weekends. I work 8 hours a day - how do I get him to practices? What about home & Saturday games when we travel?

I'm still riding the happy train, excited & anxious. I need something going on in my life - think of what new stuff I could write about from the experience. But basketball sits next to me like a giant gorilla in the room. Prayers for this to work out for both me & son.

I really don't want the air to go outta my balloon.


  1. I will have my fingers and toes crossed! And I'll say a little prayer too. I hope it works out for you to work there and for you to be at every single one of your son's basketball games.

  2. Thanks, Sharon - I'm praying, too. I'm real excited, but so freaked out now. I couldn't dream of him not playing. It'll all work out :-)



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