Thursday, September 23, 2010

Matters of the Heart.....

My heart lives inside my chest
pumping necessary life throughout my body
housing Jesus because he knocked
and I let him in

My heart lives inside my chest
for the overwhelming love for my son
that laid right beside my heart
before he was born

My heart lives inside my chest
for my family
each beat indicates love for
each of them

But my heart is not sure of
where to go, what to do or
how to be
it's unsure of love having never
been taught that lesson
it's been crumpled from trying
to give it to folks who could not
accept it and nearly worn out
from fighting acceptance from
the one who wants it


  1. This is lovely Tracey. Makes me want to cry.

  2. this is a beautiful, heartfelt piece. you are quite a talented poet.

  3. Hey!! My 2 favorite girls! (LOL!) welcome, ladies and thanks for the the lovely comments :-)

  4. This poem speaks to me like you wouldn't believe. Thank YOU.



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