Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love....

getting an 'after-work hug' from my son when we both get in from work;

talking with a 3-year old w/an extensive vocabulary

sitting on the porch/patio in the late night or early morning when it's silent

sending random note or cards to folks & hearing how it cheered them up

finishing my bible study & feeling totally connected to God

the feeling of accomplishment

feeling good about myself

Happy Love Thursday, everybody!!


  1. Happy Thursday to you too Tracey! Cool photo. Love your loves.

  2. yeah i love the photo too I love snuggling my face on the so soft cheek of my 6 week old grand daughter nothing better

  3. box of Choc: now you have hit it on the head w/the baby smell! I had the opportunity to babysit my 4 month old great niece - I sniffed I her little head so much, I'm surprised she still has hair left (LOL) There's no other smell like it!



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