Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny things happen....

I don't usually mention this, but sometimes when I think of things, they happen. This freaks me out @ times & I keep it to myself, but I'm noticing it more & more.

Sometimes when there are things I want, but don't really pursue them, they show up.


I wanted to treat myself to a nice necklace & pendant with something positive on it. Looked online, but didn't really see anything, so I never gave it another thought. Couple of days later, I went to a 2nd hand shop & found the most lovely necklace w/2 pendants - one said "dream", and the other said "prosperity." It was like it was waiting for me. Plus is was WAY cheaper than anything I'd seen. I now wear it.

After reading a post written by my friend, Sharon @ Chaos Ranch, where she mentioned this book, I added it to my Goodreads list. Be darned if while @ the library yesterday, the book was sitting on display. I now have it. (Sharon, this book has your name written all over it. I think of you at just the sight of it, dear lady!).

I'm the middle of reading "The Help" which is a fabulous book. I wasn't nearly done, yet it was due w/no returns allowed. I told the library lady this & she said, 'oh no - it's a great book, you must finish it', so she broke all rules & renewed it. For me!! I came home, settled into a corner of the couch & dove back into it like a cozy blanket.

While on line visiting a new blogger, I noticed she had the most beautiful, relaxing music playing @ her site. Checked it out & it was the old jazz of bassist Charlie Haden & pianist Kenny Barron. I made a mental note to check them out since old jazz is my love, and what do you think was @ the library? Yeah, you know. I now have it in rotation.

I really needed a new purse (I'm known to carry the same on until it falls apart), but didn't really have much $$. Walked into Target, and there was the cutest purse for on $13.00. I now have it on my shoulder.

Oh, I could on & on with this!! Say what you will, but I'm taking these things as simple blessings from God. Sometimes I think, God wouldn't be bothered w/these little trivial things, but it happens so often that I'm going with it.

And these 'funny things' make me happy!


  1. Happiness should definitely be one of life's greatest pursuits...good for you sis! (^_^)

  2. I read that one author calls these happy little things "God winks". That is if I'm remembering correctly. That may even be the title of the book.

    So glad the librarian bent the rule for you! I'll have to put the book on my list. Just let me know if you like it as much when it ends.

    Enjoy "Making Toast". It's a quick read and very much my life and my mom's life right not. My sister had three kids too.

  3. I am smiling at how you and Sharon has grown together as friends. ;)

    I had days where things are just in synch like you've described here. sending you lots of love.

    one love.

  4. I am sure those little things that make us happy are the most important things! Jae:)

  5. thank you everybody! and Se'Lah, if it weren't for you creating 'the jewels', sharon & I would have never 'met.' I will always thank you for that. you are amazing :-)

    jaerose, days like that give me a real high! I feel like I hit the lottery when I find my 'bounty.' ha!



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