Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Empty possibilities....

I have secret obsessions.

I have a hard time letting go of a good, sturdy cardboard box and/or a clean, shiny jar. Both are suddenly empty, calling for more use. I use the boxes for yard work usually, and the jars... well, one day I might do this:

Same goes for journals. I have a hard time passing the journal section of any store. Yes, I have a journal; I have several journals, but I blog instead because it's pretty cool to think someone read what you thought & enjoyed it. No one can 'see' your journal. And I couldn't begin to write as much as I type w/out my hand cramping into a ball. But!!... how can you pass up a fresh, clean, lined page just begging for thoughts?

Ditto for pencils & pens. They call to you to let your words flow.

Ditto #2 for writing tablets (see 'journals')

And finally, Ditto #3 for watercolors. I've ALWAYS wanted to try this. When the son was little, I remember I bought a huge pad of child watercolor paper & paint. I 'scratched' (literally) sketches of different types of tea cups w/pencil, then tried to paint 'em. It wasn't bad & it made me interested.

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