Sunday, September 19, 2010


the silk summer skirts
the silk summer blouses
the silk fall sweaters
the embroidered cardigan sweaters
the fuzzy, angora sweaters
the cottage-rose covered, elegant sundresses
the smart sweater/skirt sets
the bold-colored/light-as-air summer blouse/pants suits
the bold, abstracted, elegant sundresses
the 'African-printed' sundresses& blouses

But, oh;

the full pleated skirts that swirled in the wind @ the slightest movement
the heavy, sparkly dinner jackets that caught the glint of the slightest light
the sheer, barely-there blouses in bold reds, blacks & whites that had to have required a camisole
the shine, the glamour, the elegance...

I picture a black-haired, Italian beauty
with shining, dark, sparkling eyes
with long, dark lashes
and a curvy, knock-out figure
and a huge, beautiful, welcoming smile
and a laugh that sounded of bell tinkles
as she was being wisked about the ball room floor
to a classic waltz
trailing the scent of Lair du Temps perfume

and as I go through mountains of this clothing in the laundry room
i make a pile of what will go & what will stay
the shiny things are not my style, but I appreciate the joy
they once brought
but the other things, I shall delicately handle, wash, hang, dry- clean
and wear them all with honor
of an Italian beauty, named Mary Louise..

Sunday Scribbling prompt: "clean"


  1. It starts from the mundane and ends beautifully!

    my monkey reads you well

    And don't forget to aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

  2. Love it! Creative use of the prompt and lovely images!

  3. A wonderful and clever take on the prompt ... well done!

  4. thanks for stopping by everybody - I'm shocked & honored! (LOL!) Tripathy - love that 'monkey' - made me smile @ the end; very well written, indeed. Thanks for the invite to the Poetry Train.

  5. hey this was great i am guessing it was a task for a writing blog am I right? Whatever I really enjoyed it.

  6. great scribbler you are. i love it.

    how are you, my dear?



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