Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The union of Ruby.....

Remember I spoke of my old high school friend I ran into that radiated w/love? Well, I got my invitation to attend her reception in the mail the other day. Very beautiful, indeed. The invite is wrapped in delicate, sheer, rose-etched paper w/a tiny picture of the couple to be fastening the paper closed. I've never seen such an invite. A nice memory-maker.

It is a Muslim reception (I don't have it w/me to tell you what the word for 'reception' is called). Once the union is joined, Ruby's name will then be "Amina." I tried looking it up (Ameena) & means "trustworthy & faithful." Sounds like Ruby. This will take place mid-July. I can't wait to see what it's like, but more so to see Ruby shine again like she did that day. I'm thinking on her day of becoming Mrs. Amina Abdullah Mohammad, she will shine brighter than the stars the sun.

I'm so honored & blessed to have run into her that day @ the fresh market & to be invited to something that is so special for her. Thank you, God, for allowing our paths to cross. And thank you, Ruby, for extending the love. Blessings....

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  1. Hi Tracey!!!!

    I am loving that you have a blog now...I am adding you to my blogroll ASAP. I so enjoy your visit to N.R. one love, my friend!



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