Thursday, June 10, 2010

reflection....friend or associate?

sometimes I sit & think about all the people who pass through our lives. I can't say that I have a really good true close friend, but I'm friendly with everyone, so... they're all like friends. I feel like I have a different relationship w/everyone I associate with. Me & Lisa Doyle are different from me & Jodi Broom, which is polar opposite from me & Elaine Doll, which is different from me & Theresa Mayes, etc. Even here @ work, i look around my office & I see little momentos of things pass coworkers have given me before they moved on. I have teddy bears, friendship plaques, shells, candles, cards, and now this lovely Willow Tree Doll from Theresa who is new here, but whom I have become friends with. These 'friends'.... we don't usually go to each others homes (even though the offers are there), we don't go out together, rarely do we eat lunch together, but seeing each other in situations that put you together makes you think you're friends. When someone moves on, that association usually dies if you don't work very hard to keep the ember glowing. It's amazing when you let your head go there.

In this meanwhile, I do, again, thank Theresa for her friendship/association while we share this space 40 hours a week & glad she believes I'm deserving of this beautiful expression of her caring.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean I have had a lot of friends/associates over the years, they came with my children's friends, they were their mothers, they came with my association with the school my children atteneded, their teachers and the mothers at the tuckshop etc and they went when we went. Only a few real friends I could count on one hand and now some true friends that I have met here in Blogville. It's interesting isn't how they come and go.



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