Friday, June 11, 2010

He's got you covered....

Sigh.... God.

Where do I start. God is SO always right on time in his own time. I found a fantastic site called "God Talks to You." What a treasure. If you listen, he's talking to you all the time, yet we still fuss & fret. Even though I know He has love for each us more powerful than any parent could love us, he must think we are the stupidest creations he's ever made (LOL!) Why do some fight against what is the easiest thing in life to do? - live for him, by him, through him, trust him, ask him.

I remember when I was @ CBT (Canton Baptist Temple) about 9/10 years old when I first learned what the Lord/Jesus/Holy Ghost was really all about. I didn't get anything out of going to our family church; I just knew before the service ended, the pastor would get everyone worked up into a serious frenzy & folks would cry & pass out. THAT scared the living shit outta me.

When we were then sent CBT into our age-appropriate classrooms for learning on our levels, that's when I found I loved God/Jesus more than anything in the world. Instead of me being afraid of the fire/brimstone, I felt like I GLOWED w/love for God! He wasn't a monster at all - he was/is very gentle, caring & tender. When I asked my teacher how I could feel like that all the time, she simply told me to always remember the count on my 5 fingers:
  1. I.
  2. Shall
  3. Never
  4. Leave
  5. Thee
Wow!!! That's it? I remembered asking her? She said yes, when you got saved & let Jesus into your heart, you are covered for life. Surely (& stupidly) I thought it has GOT to be more to it & harder than that. You have God TELLING you that for goodness sakes, yet still you doubt? DUH.

Where I'm going with this is @ the end of this month, the Sons' track team will spend the weekend in Columbus @ Ohio State & stay in the dorms. Parents are not allowed to travel with & have to fend for their own lodging. Translation: I'm ass out. Solution: after much fretting, yet not wanting to steal my son's happiness, I was told that if I could not attend, he would be very safe & fine with his extended family.

Thank you, God, Jesus, FatherGod, Lord. You have ALWAYS come thru for the Son - whatever his needs are in their simplicity, you've always been there. So, my son will have the most exciting time of his life, so far, and I feel blessed and immensely grateful that our Father made a way - AGAIN, like he always does.

Amen. :-)


  1. I am so proud of you! I cried when I read your email and visited your site. Follow your heart my Sister; just follow your heart cause you must BELIEVE that HE has your back. Have FAITH.

  2. thank you so much, sister!!! I KNEW you would cheer me on. I feel like I am truly following my heart - must be right cause it feels so effortless. Faith combined w/you guys' love is a blessing in itself. thanks, again :-) Love, love.

  3. PS: thanks for spreading the word to your friends :-) I only let a couple of folks know @ work, then emailed you guys, now more people know. Shyly, I found it scary to be exposed, then I thought WTH? Smooches, missy!



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