Saturday, June 12, 2010

joy in a simple day...

Had a fantastic day of great finds! Hit the Barn; scored a rug & 2 throw pillows for the porch, (doing that 'bring your indoors outside thing'), a glass pyrex measuring cup, 2 baskets of most unusual seashells, a big glass jar that says "TEA" full of cools shells & beach stuff - including perfect sand dollars (so delicate, they're usually chipped) a piece of orange coral, & a tiny baby sea horse! The body is like dried sea weed (if you've ever seen that). Don't know why I've always been a shell lover. If you look @ 'em real close, the detail is amazing. No 2 are alike. Like snowflakes. Thinking how the ocean washed over them for 100s of years & formed them is something to think about in itself.

AND I found inspirational book 'Simple Abundance', (like I need another inspirational book), a chair for the patio to replace the one that broke, & 2 terracotta pots (Mom says I'm a flower pot snob - I only use terracotta. Plastic pots pale in comparison. You gotta take care of 'em, but I like the look. It's worth it.) BUT, the Grand Total of this bounty: $15.25. Yeah... I know. Happy tears... :-)

THEN on to Green Farms Fresh Market. I could spend my paycheck there; all the fresh stuff gives me sensory overload. I contained myself to a cantaloupe, grapes, mushrooms, pretzels, green onions, alfalfa sprouts, apples, tomatoes & green peppers. Glad I 'contained myself.' I need a garden... Ran into a high school friend there w/an amazing story. that would be another post for another day. Inspiring is an understatement.

LASTLY! (I know - go to bed already...) we hit Harvest Home nursery. Been going there for years. Stuff is very hardy & healthy & expensive until after Memorial Day (gougers..), then stuff is affordable. It's a cool place. Every year when I go there & see that "Open" sign, I hyperventilate cause I know I'm about to do damage...

However... I 'contained' myself to my beloved Tuberose Begonias; 1 yellow; 1 red; some red wax begonias & 2 red Geraniums. Then finally, home. the Son immediately went to his room; he's a good traveling buddy & never complains about having this kinda day, but when we're done, all he wants to do is eat dinner, go to his room & get away from me! LOL!

okay.... super tired/sleepy now.

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