Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Book by it's Cover....

when i was @ the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago, i noticed a beautiful, black sister who looked familiar. as it turns out, it was a high school classmate. was always nice, we always spoke & laughed. what caught my eye was her 'fly' look; her hair was a fro about 1" long, her dark skin set against a ton of silver jewelry she was rockin'. the slim eyeglass frames - very pulled together. she stood out in 'farm town' should I say.

we hugged & traded numbers; she told me she wanted my address cause she was getting married & she's relocating to S.Carolina (where he lives - I believe they met in the military). her children are grown & gone & she had met a wonderful man. she instantly flipped out the latest phone & showed me their pix. they made a lovely couple to say the least. in about 10 minutes flat, she had given me the run down of how they met, how supportive her children are about the marriage, where they will live, etc. I told her (with true joy) how happy I am for her; she was so happy, she literally radiated. then her next sentence shot the dog.... she said:

Who would've thought I'd be where I am today when just 14 short years ago, I was living in the park, eating out of garbage cans....

yes... you did read that right. I couldn't take my eyes off of her while my mouth hung open wide. she kept her beautiful smile & nodded slowly & said yes, Tracey... "I lost my way & was homeless." I could not believe this beautiful chick that looked like any pulled together lovely sister was testifying of such a story. I shook my head slowly in disbelief while she nodded with... belief. I told her she needed to tell her story & she said she speaks about it whenever she gets the chance. She said we really needed to get together so she could tell me all about it, but in her flurry of busy-ness with her new, much-deserved life, it probably won't happen any time soon. But still... Wow.... you know?

Do I really need to state what the moral of this story is? I thank God for every moment of that blessing, i.e.: WHAT would be the odds of she & I running into each other @ GreenFarms at that precise moment. had it been 5 minutes - more OR less - we would've missed each other; her radiant shininess & pure happiness. It obviously moved me or I wouldn't have posted this.


  1. Your 'lost friend' has quite a testimony and I get the feeling she shares it OFTEN; well I hope she does share; we are blessed even more when we praise the Lord and especially when we share our blessings with others. She sounds quite full of joy; I am very happy for her indeed. God is good; more folks just need to seek and they will find, and knock and the door will be opened. I truly know that - a year ago this time I planted the for sale sign in the yard and proceeded to pack up.

  2. I will never forget running into Ruby, that whole whirlwind of information & her warmth. Her light was definitely a beacon. I believe she testifies on it a lot. And yes, my dear, look how much your life has changed in one year... :-)



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