Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Feelin' Me

My Collage

So.... one day I realized when removing my head scarf from the night before, that I look rather 'regal' with this thing on. This very thing that I've worn since childhood (don't forget your HEAD RAG!!); this very thing that I see women sport on the regular thinking I would never dare try....

I took it a little further and added some sparkles from crafting down my forehead/third eye and added a touch of lip stick.

And Queen Makeda arrived. I'm not real fond of photos of myself, especially when I try taking a 'selfie' with a full scale DSLR (I don't own a smart phone), but here, I feel.... pretty.

Someone told me I looked like Maya Angelou.

I replied: "AND STILL I RISE." :-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tell Yourself




Now, let's get busy BELIEVING Ourselves.

Just a few

Loved it!!
I never wanted to return this book to the library.

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Even though I probably have enough spiritual reading books to start my own book store, I still adored this one. Mrs. Meyers is so kick ass.

And even though I thought this one would sappy/happy, it really is a good story of faith. Do things like these actually happen?

Friday, November 11, 2016

A few things I'm loving right now

Google Image

Online Reading:

  1. Souls of Society: I love "Dijon." 
  2. The Humans of Josephine
  3. Necessary Fiction
  4. The Elephant Journal
  5. Medium: Always SO many great perspectives to think on
  6. Shining Stars Magazine: Brings me comfort
My image: on my desk


  1. Bleeding Tissue Paper: WOW, this ain't your mama's tissue paper!! haha
  2. Canvas Panels: (various sizes): I chose the panels because they stack against each other w/taking up much space. I'm truly addicted to these; when I sit down in front of a blank, my creative juices SOAR
  3. Acrylic Paints
  4. Watercolor Paper
  5. Mod Podge: This stuff ROCKS!!! In fact, here's a couple of Fall leaves I captured in time courtesy of 'the Podge'

It's the simple things in life. :-)

Standing w/Standing Rock

"The protesters want to see construction of the pipeline halted entirely and its route changed. They point to a rising number of pipeline accidents in recent years as evidence that they are right to be concerned about the safety of their water source. 
“These pipelines are often seeping or leaking in small places, and we don’t have any way to detect them,” Doug Hayes, a staff attorney at the Sierra Club, told The Huffington Post in September. “These are the types of concerns the tribes have, and they’re, frankly, very well-founded.”
Such concerns were part of the reason why the pipeline’s original route, which passed near Bismarck, the state’s capital, was abandoned.
The tribe and its supporters also believe they were not properly consulted concerning the project’s effect on sacred sites and burial grounds."
Now... THIS pisses me off more than the disappointment I felt when 'the new Sheriff' got elected. Haven't the Natives been fucked with enough?

One would think so.

Let me bring you up to date....

"WHERE HAVE YOU  BEEN?" is the questions I usually get from family when I 'go under.'

And you know you've been wondering, too. Don't lie to me.. Hhhaaa!!

(Go Under: when one has finally had enough of everything on her plate and chooses to go silent into ones own head; contacts no one, talks to no one & basically fills time doing photography, or making their 100th mixed media collage, and/or reading 2-3 books at one time, and always meditating on ones relationship with God (or whatever one chooses to call their higher power)

Pretty much nothing changed life-wise until I finally.... found a job. This is THEE job I thought I had been waiting three years to get. Small law-firm, even though I had no desire to go back to 'law', it was the only profession I had worked nearly all of my adult life.

About 1 month into this new venture, I realized... I had no clue what I was doing. It was hard trying to absorb the chaotic world of 'family law.' You know - the laws that had to made to curtail the behavior of lives falling apart. Divorce, dissolution, child custody, GALs (guardian ad litems for the interest of the children of the lives falling apart), jealousy, flat out hate, abuse, stalking....Damn!

I'll spare you the remainder of the train wreck, but after a short four month stint, they let me go.

Don't cry for me, Argentina; I was relieved to be let go. Yes, I felt such a release at not having to deal with that part of folks' lives and all the horrendous paperwork and meticulous steps that come along with it all. I found I would show up in a great mood and by the end of the day, I was emotionally worn out.

Short story shorter, I'm back to what Joyce Meyer calls "The Silent Years." This the time when: you are alone w/you dreams for the future, and it seems as if nothing at all is happening. You are just waiting and trying not to give up! It may even seem that what is happening to you is leading you in an opposite direction than what you had imagined. This is the season when God prepares to use you in greater and greater ways.

.... and I'm good with that.

A new Sheriff in town....

This year is truly flying. Only one more month left in 2016.


After eight years, we now have a new Commander In Chief. Amazingly, it's Donald Trump.

Yes, that Donald Trump. The only one. Do you know anyone else by that name?

Now, I am NOT political in anyway, but I do have enough sense to perk up when the hairs on the back of my neck rise.

Regardless of whom you liked this election, I tended to lean toward the person who was NOT promoting division, hate, insults, potty-mouth, and out-right lack of caring for fellow human beings.

When the hate-spewing commercials first started rolling and Trump said "... and you tell them to go FUCK themselves....", I was completely mortified. NEVER in the history of my time have I heard anyone say that so blatantly in such an important matter as running our country.

I knew it was downhill from there.

But what really hurt me were the folks who all agreed with the words he chanted. And now here we are.

I'm not panicked because God is the first and the last. My life won't change any more than it changed when Obama was in the White House.

Folks who are hoping Trump fails have backward thinking because we'll ALL fail. I read something the other day that said "hoping Trump fails is like hoping the pilot crashes the plane that we're ALL ON!!!"

And on that note, carry on.

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...