Friday, October 4, 2013

Early Mornin' Rain

"Early Morning Rain" ~ Eva Cassidy. I didn't know who she was, until she died.

Garden Totem, created by a friend, via Pinterest

Red Grass; still giving off glowing love

I think this screams, "WELCOME, DAY!!!" :-)

"Washed clean"
Heavy Fall rains, yet my blooms stand strong. I'll let them show off for as long as they'll 'have me.' I love Fall, but I'm in no hurry to lose my batches of summer growth & color.


  1. I LOVE Eva Cassidy. And like you, didn't know who she was until she had passed. xoxo Marianne

    1. I'm glad to have Eva in common with you :-) I tried to turn her on to everybody, yet not everybody 'got it.' Their loss. My mama (who 'got it') said she sounded like me when I used to sing. What a compliment!!!

  2. I have all of Eva's CDs! David Letterman was a huge fan of hers and he helped to launch her career. Her voice is "forever" and it's so tragic that she died so young. I can only imagine where she would be today in her career.

    1. Dina, that is probably where I heard her; in the background while I was doing something else. Letterman was interviewing her father & I looked her up immediately. Was truly heartbroken to find she had already passed. We can only "imagine", which is a song she sang beautifully! :-)


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