Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catching up #1

This is me @ the Marshall Land Company here in town. It saves & restores beautiful things from old houses, schools and the like under going demolition. They were nice enough to allow me to shoot outside & in. Here, I happened upon a wall of old fashioned mirrors. The most I can do @ the place is admire & shoot; their prices are out the butt!!

I found my 'dream door' here. This will be the door to my home made green house one day. I look @ this every day when I drive past the place. I will be heartbroken when someone buys it.

These shutters were on the other side of the building. Aren't they great??? This place is like Shabby Chic. If only I knew a creative guy who could see my vision with this stuff. Lord knows what we would create. :-)


  1. You buy this damn door! Busha says so. ;) I love it too - and with all that love combined the greenhouse would be magical!

    1. Well, if Busha says so, then so it shall be!! Lol! I will inquire about the cost as I see they have gotten more 'stuff' in, so I intend on going back. A greenhouse for year round growing would be a dream!! I didn't even approach the wonderfulness of the second floor of this place. I'll keep ya posted.



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