Sunday, September 15, 2013


I'm an old fashioned chick. I LOVE to cook. I'm not too keen on eating a huge meal, but I love watching others enjoy. I think the detail of marinating, chopping, slicing, dicing, mashing, steaming, frying & making a good presentation of dinner is important. No matter how menial it is, I try to make it look 'pleasing.' Plus, it gives me time to sip a cocktail and go inside my own thoughts w/no interruption. Bliss.

Old fashioned cornbread from cornmeal. Cast iron is the best.

Two boxes of Pumpkin bread mix I didn't know existed.

Hand "smashed' potatoes w/garlic, pepper & butter

Steamed Brussel sprouts. I am addicted. Lightly buttered w/parsley

Crunchy skin courtesy of a touch of Balsamic vinegar marinade.

Sunday Scribblings prompt: "meal"
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