Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Happily ever ... "

 My nephew's wedding went off without a hitch! I was so proud to be asked and so proud to be trusted with such precious memories. Between double shooting with Sony & Canon, I came up with 500 pix. I would say 250+ that I'll use because I like to take burst of three of each shot. This was/is my gift to the young, military couple.
It felt funny to be called "the photographer." Lol. "Oh! the 'photographer' is here, they'd say. I'm glad at the last minute, I decided to use my 20+ year old photo bag to carry all my crap. I felt professional.

 I was shaking with nerves all morning the day of the wedding. Probably because I was the 'main' photographer; no one else. Once I got started, I fell into my zone.
Love this instead of the boring traditional, corney, man/woman cake topper

Sweet details
I'm now in the process of processing & getting the photos ready to send off to the couple. I HATE being this late, but what can I say; I want to make sure each photo is great. I sending off in a couple of wedding albums (hoping not to offend w/my own choice), w/lots of special touches. Who knows where it could lead? Presentation is everything :-)

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