Tuesday, May 28, 2013




Last week, I strolled through out little city's Taste of Canton, a yearly thing held in the green space downtown where various area restaurants come out with their best. I felt out of place at first because everyone was dressed in their 'work fineries' and I'm in sweats & a T as I just finished a walk.

I was also bashful as well because folks thought I was from a 'real' place (newspaper, etc.), so they were more than happy to pose with their wares. When they asked what paper & what day would they be able to see their pictures, I just smiled & said 'we'll see' knowing full well I'm not affiliated.

When I went to the Taste's website on facebook & posted a picture I thought they would like, they deleted it. Maybe they only wanted their own shots as opposed to outside. No harm, no foul - I knew I could use a few of them here.

And with all the goodies being sold., the ONLY thing I sampled was a rice cake w/whipped peanut butter. And that was only because they guy wanted his picture taken. Lol.

C'est la vie!

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